What we believe


Christians /Presbyterians – At Calvary St. Andrew’s, we are Christians first, looking to the ministry, life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ as our inspiration. Within the larger Christian church, we are affiliated with PCUSA, the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America. We are part of a church tradition known as Reformed for its desire to stress the individual’s direct relationship with God. Presbyterians have a democratic, participatory Church government.


When we say we believe all people are God’s children, we really mean all people -- of all colors and backgrounds, of all different abilities and disabilities, wherever they are in their faith journey – from just curious about God to firmly religious. Not only are all people welcome, but all types of people are already here to welcome anyone to our worship and work. We are all races, ethnic backgrounds, education and economic levels.


We believe the Bible is a source of inspired writing about God, much of it begun with oral traditions and handed down over the centuries. We believe it contains Truth, but not necessarily literal truth. We do not look to the Bible as an authoritative source of scientific knowledge.


We believe that God calls us not just to gather together, but also to reach out to the world, bringing material and spiritual help to others. We work for social justice and systemic change in our world.


One way we affirm that we are all people and that all people are welcome is that we have declared ourselves a More Light Church. This designation has been adopted by some Presbyterian Churches to make clear that the affirm the full participation of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered people.



Sunday Services

Please join us for Sunday Services at 11 AM. Fellowship time begins after worship. Come as you are! You are welcome any time.

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Calvary St Andrews Presbyterian Parish


68 Ashland St (corner of Averill, 1 block east of Mt. Hope)

Rochester, NY 14620

Phone: 585 325-4950

Email us:  calvarystandrews@gmail.com