How Can I Help?


1.  Volunteer to help at the Emergency Food Cupboard.  We are open five days a week and staffed solely by volunteers.  You can also volunteer to be part of the Alison Clarke Community Garden project.


2.  Host a food drive at  your place of business.  We can help you plan and organize a food drive. 


3.  Donate to the Emergency Food Cupboard.   We appreciate donations of food, personal items, and money.  You can also designate the Emergency Food Cupboard as the recipient of your donation to the United Way, Donor # 1620.



Coming Events

  • Jan. 28th - 2:00 PM
    Valerie O'Hara
    stained glass windows
  • Feb. 14th - noon
    Ecumenical Ash Wednesday Service
  • Feb. 21-23 
    ROC SALT - pilot program
  • Feb. 25th - 2:00 PM
    Rose O'Keefe
    Famous 19th century people buried in Mt. Hope Cemetery.

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Calvary St Andrews Presbyterian Parish


68 Ashland St (corner of Averill, 1 block east of Mt. Hope)

Rochester, NY 14620

Phone: 585 325-4950

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